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Behaviour Code For Students

The Lake Heights Public School Behaviour Code for Students sets out all aspects of our approach to behaviour management. It provides information on how the school recognises and supports the actions that students choose.

All staff follow the procedures in their dealings with students, both in class and on the playground.

School Values

Our behaviour code for students is based on the values of:

Care   Respect   Safety

In the classroom/learning environment the 6 L’s of learning apply. They are:

LOOK at the speaker

LISTEN for information

LIPS are closed

LAPS hands are in them

LEGS are still


We provide encouragement and recognition to those who demonstrate the values of care, respect and safety.

We provide support when those values are not shown.

Encouragement and Recognition

Praise, Prizes and Incentives

Individual teachers will have their own way of indicating a job well done by a student. It may be through the use of:

  • verbal praise,
  • a smile,
  • positive feedback on work,
  • stamps or stickers,
  • bell marks (leaving right on the bell),
  • privileged seating position or leader of the line,
  • a merit certificate,
  • a visit to another staff member to show work, etc.

Class Dojos

  • Class Dojo is an interactive behaviour management system, displayed on big screens in each classroom. It allows teachers to encourage and recognise positive behaviours in a visual way.
  • Students are given their own character on the website and are encouraged with points for positive behaviour in class.
  • Class Dojo also allows teachers to track a student’s behaviour over a period of time, keeping a record of behaviours they gained, or lost points for.  Teachers are able to customise their class by adding different skills they wish to encourage within their room.
  • Parents are able to connect with their child’s class and share photo and video moments of their child’s day as well as privately message the class teacher. Find out more or connect on our ClassDojo page.