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School uniform

Our colours are royal blue and yellow


At Lake Heights Public School, we believe that school uniforms:

  • define an identity for the school within the community
  • develop students’ sense of belonging to the school community
  • provide an opportunity to build school spirit
  • enhance the health and safety of students when involved in school activities
  • promote a sense of inclusiveness, non- discrimination and equal opportunity
  • reinforce the perception of the school as an ordered and safe environment
  • increase the personal safety of students and staff by allowing easier recognition of visitors and potential intruders in the school
  • promote positive community perceptions of public education
  • make school clothing more affordable for families by eliminating the risk of peer pressure to wear transiently fashionable and expensive clothes.

Where to buy

Items may be purchased from Big W, Lowes and Best & Less. The school stocks yellow shirts with the logo ($15) and a small supply of $5 jumpers without a logo and school hats (compulsory for all outdoor activity).

Durable iron-on logos in yellow or blue are available for tops and jumpers. $4 from the school office.

Girls summer uniform

  • Polo shirt – yellow
  • Skirt (netball style) – blue
  • Skorts (shorts with skirt at front) – blue

Boys summer uniform

  • Polo shirt – yellow
  • Shorts, rugby knit – blue

Girls winter uniform

  • Polo shirt – yellow long sleeve or short
  • Boot leg pants – blue
  • Tracksuit pants – blue
  • Fleecy jumper – blue

Boys winter uniform

  • Polo shirt – yellow long sleeve or short
  • Tracksuit pants – blue
  • Fleecy jumper – blue


Closed footwear. The preferred school shoe colour at Lake Heights is black. Black runners, black leather, black canvas are all okay (with as little other colour as possible).

Black or white socks.

School hat (all seasons)

  • Reversible bucket hat – blue/yellow $10
  • Baseball cap – blue with yellow trim $5
  • Both available from the school office.

School hat policy

Students must wear their school hat for all outdoor activity.

If a student forgets their school hat, they need to trade an ‘item of value’ for a loan cap from the class teacher. An item of value might be a school bag, toy, pencil case, device, etc. The item can be retrieved when the loan cap is returned to the class teacher. The purpose of trading is that it helps children remember their hat the next day.

Class caps are numbered to keep a track of loans and teachers monitor regular forgetfulness. Caps are washed.

Students who lose their school hat will need to purchase a replacement hat.

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