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Year 5/6

5/6 represents an important stage of learning for both Year 5 and Year 6 students. For our Year 5 students, they are entering their final two years of primary school and will be taking part in NAPLAN in early Term 2. Students will sit tests for reading, writing, language conventions and mathematics. Parents will receive results towards the end of the year. Year 6 students are in their final year of their primary school education and are working towards their transition to high school.

In 2022, there will be plenty of opportunities for extracurricular activities such as representative sport, performances and PSSA as well as school excursions, fundraisers and the Year 6 Farewell at the end of the year.

Year 6 students will be designing and ordering their Year 6 commemorative polo shirts in Term 1 and will be able to wear them as often as they like during the school week. However, they must wear their yellow school uniform shirt when attending excursions, sports carnivals or any event when they are representing Lake Heights Public School.

English is taught each morning and comprises of reading, writing, spelling, grammar, handwriting and oral language in a rotational approach.

5/6 will be working with the teacher in intensive, explicit reading and writing lessons daily. When not with the teacher, students will be independently completing a variety of formal literacy tasks, with a focus on spelling, grammar, handwriting and comprehension style activities. 

5/6 will be using programs such as Words their Way, Focus on Reading, StudyLadder and Seven Steps to Writing Success.

Students in Year 5/6 participate in Mathematics lessons each day. Whole number, patterns and algebra will be the focus at the beginning of the week, with measurement and geometry, data and chance being covered at the end.

5/6 will have ability group based lessons daily, with whole class instruction of content presented first. Groups will have the opportunity to have explicit teacher lessons focused around their groups needs, while other are extended with online activities and problem solving games.

In 2022, physical development, health and education will be delivered in weekly lessons focus on student well-being, healthy lifestyle habits, and how to improve one’s social, emotional, physical and mental health. During PE lessons, 5/6 will be developing fundamental movement skills, values and attitudes towards sport, spatial awareness and competitive strategies.

Students participate in interactive science lessons each week, covering each of the science strands. Through hands-on activities this year, students will explore micro-organisms, earthquakes, electricity and chemical reactions.

Mrs Layton will be taking Year 5/6 on Thursday afternoons for STEM.

This year we will be using a History and Geography program called, ‘Inquisitive’. It is an interactive research based program, which support student to conduct guided investigations. History will be taught during the 1st semester of the year and will use historical methods and techniques to reconstruct the past to explain how people, places and events have shaped the world today. Geography will be taught in the 2nd semester of the year and will look at where things are, why they are there and how humans interact with environments. It will involve students investigating geographical issues. Students will need to ask questions, acquire information, analyse data, evaluate consequences and contribute to the management of physical, social, cultural and built environments. Mrs Giles, our school librarian, will be assisting with information skills each Tuesday afternoon.

This year in 5/6 Creative Arts will involve the four art forms of dance, drama, music and visual arts. Each artform involves unique practices for students to develop subject-specific knowledge, skills and understanding.

Class Dojo will continue to be used as a whole-school program at Lake Heights. In 5/6, Class Dojo will be used to give points to students demonstrating our school values of care, respect and safety. As an additional incentive for students to be working hard to receive points, 5/6 will create a Class Dojo shopping list where they are able to purchase rewards such as helping in a buddy class, sitting at the teacher desk or sitting next to a friend for a day, using their points they have earned. Class Dojo also provides a platform to receive reminders or get in touch with teachers, which is great for parents who can’t make it into the classroom as regularly. In Year 5/6, we welcome parental involvement and feedback.

We will be continuing with the Crunch&Sip program currently operating in the school and students are encouraged to bring fruit or vegetables and water to enjoy during the morning session.

Lake Heights Public School is focusing on being sun safe this year. We will be monitoring the UV on a regular basis and learning what this means for when we are outdoors. Students must have a school hat to wear during playtime and sport otherwise students will have to sit in the shade.

Students will be using technology to enhance and support their learning within  our classroom. In 5/6 we are lucky to have 30 Chromebooks. With the provision of 1:1 technology within the classroom, students access a wide range of unique and educational websites that enhance engagement and learning. 5/6 will also use iPads and other technologies to access a range of rich learning programs and apps.  With many aspects of NAPLAN now online, students will also be given opportunities to practise and improve their typing and word processing skills.

Students are welcome to bring their own technology to school as well. Whilst technology is the responsibility of the students, all classrooms are equipped with surveillance cameras, offering a level of security.

Students in Years 5 and 6 will need blue and red pens, pencils, a ruler, a glue stick. Students are more then welcome to bring additional stationery items to class, like coloured pencils, textas, highlighters, whiteboard markers etc.

Homework will be handed out every Monday and is due on the Friday of the same week. Students will have a homework grid to complete. There will be a mixture of set work and a variety of tasks where students can choose which ones they would like to complete. I would like parents to sign each activity to confirm they have been completed.

Students will have an opportunity to borrow books from our school library each week. They will need a library bag or plastic bag to take books home in. Our library borrowing will commence from Week 3 of Term 1.

During terms 1 and 3, there will be an opportunity for a scheduled chat with your child’s teachers to track your child’s progress and address any concerns. However, you do not need to wait until parent teacher conversations to address any issues or concerns. Please feel free to come and chat if necessary.