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Year 1/2

Welcome to 1/2H, 2022!

Students in year 1/2 are working hard as the move towards the end of infants before some start their journey in primary in Year 3. It’s a time of growth, change and excitement.

This year, 1/2H is being taught by Miss Teagan Hunter.

In Year 1/2, we will continue to use Class Dojo to encourage positive behaviour and communicate with parents. Students are working hard to earn points in their classroom Dojo based around our school values of care, respect and safety. Students collect as many points as they can and are able to use their points to choose a reward like visiting another class, tech time and sharing work.

Reading is an essential part of your child’s education. Children have a home reader bag and are required to bring their home reading bags to school with them each day. They change their books approximately twice a week.

English is taught each morning and comprises of reading, writing, spelling, grammar, handwriting and oral language. In 1/2H, we follow a program that involves the students taking part in group rotations while the teacher works with small groups of students to read and write with. We supplement this model with explicit and systematic phonics instruction, which takes place at the after lunch each day.

We will be continuing with the Crunch&Sip program currently operating in the school and students are encouraged to bring fruit or vegetables and water to enjoy during the morning session. Students in Year 1/2  are allowed to keep their water bottles on their desks during class time.

In 1/2H, students will have the opportunity to visit the library every Tuesday. If students bring a library bag with them they will be able to take their books home for the week.

This year Miss Layton will be running a STEM program during RFF time. Students in 1/2H will get to participate in this program every Friday, down in the Maker Space.

Each student has now been assigned a day for ‘Talk Time’, where they will have an opportunity to talk to the class about their interests or share something about themselves or their families. From time to time we will ask that students speak to particular topics, to align with learning in class, for example, things they like to do with their family. I will let you know of any of these occasions well in advance.Below is the current Talk Time timetable.