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Kindergarten (KB)

Welcome to Kindergarten 2022! The start of your child’s school career is a very exciting time for everyone involved and we are so excited to be a part of their school journey.

During 2022, Kindergarten will be taught by Mrs Michelle Brisbane on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday mornings. On Wednesday afternoons, Thursdays and Fridays, KB will be taught by Mrs Kate Briggs.


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English is taught each morning and comprises of reading, writing, spelling, grammar, handwriting and oral language. Students begin the year with a focus on phonemic awareness and progress to studying phonics, which supports their reading and writing. Teachers will often work with small groups of students who have similar needs.

Home reading

Home reading
After the first few weeks of school, students will begin to bring home books to read at home each night. As we use these books for our classroom reading, it is very important that home readers travel to and from school each day in the bag provided.
The books sent home are books that your child has read in class. It’s best to get into an afternoon or evening routine which involves your child reading their home reader. Home readers are familiar to children and are used to practise student’s developing reading skills. These books are meant to be relatively easy for students to read.
To get the most out of this experience, check out this  video on how to read home readers with your child.



Students in Kindergarten participate in mathematics lessons each day, straight after our morning routine. They need lots of hands -on activities to develop their understanding of mathematical concepts and many concepts will be taught and reinforced through educational games.

At home, you can help your child by playing board games involving dice or counting, playing card games and talking about numbers in everyday contexts, for example, finding numerals at the supermarket, reading the numbers on letterboxes, following directions to something hidden in a room etc.

Other curriculum areas

Other curriculum areas In Kindergarten, students will participate in a variety of experiences in other curriculum areas including science, history and geography, PDHPE, sport and creative arts. Children love the hands-on, inquiry nature of many of these subjects and the content of what is what, often stems from the students’ interests and questions.

School Values

School Values

In Kindergarten, our core values reflect those of the school which are care, respect and safety. Positive behaviour is encouraged through a range of strategies including “Class Dojo” points, which lead to whole class and individual rewards.

General class info

General class info
Crunch&Sip – Students are encouraged to bring fruit or vegetables and water to enjoy during the morning session.
Library – Students will have an opportunity to borrow books from our school library each Wednesday during their scheduled library time with our teacher-librarian, Mrs Christine Giles. Children will need a labelled library bag or plastic bag to take books home in.
Parent volunteers – Parent volunteers have currently been put on hold due to Covid. Hopefully soon, we will be able to invite parents to participate in learning! We will make you aware of these opportunities through Dojo. Later in the year, we may seek parent helpers for reading and will keep you updated of any opportunities that arise.

Talk time- Your child will be assigned a day each week, where they’ll have the chance to speak in front of the class. You might know this as news or show and tell. For the first term, students will be able to speak about anything that interests them. They may like to bring something from home such as a favourite game or book, some family photos or something they’ve collected from nature. This is optional and they are more than welcome to tell the class something they did on the weekend etc. Unfortunately, teachers cannot take responsibility for items brought from home. It’s a good idea to chat with your child the evening before their talk time and help them to come up with something they’d like to speak about.

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Connecting with our Classroom

Connecting with our Classroom

As a parent, you can use ClassDojo to connect to classroom activities and track your child’s behaviour. It also provides a platform to receive reminders or get in touch with teachers, which is great for parents who can’t make it into the classroom as regularly. We welcome parental involvement and feedback.

What to bring- Whilst we provide most things that your child needs, we do ask that your child please bring a paint shirt to leave at school if you are able. We will encourage students to wear paint shirts when using whiteboard markers, painting, and general art/ craft activities. Hopefully that will help save you on some washing